Doge Veneziano

DOGE VENEZIANO presents six exclusive versions of “Venetian Beads” (40×40 cm and 60×60 cm with continuous design), evoking all the beauty of flooring in the traditional Venetian home. These are regarded as high-end products, created for settings with a certain prestige, and sure to satisfy even the most demanding designer thanks to their excellent technical and aesthetic features. “Venetian Beads” embodies innovation in design, and is particularly aimed at suppliers in the luxury market, while also responding to requests for a more customised solution.

Venetian Beads

This range is produced from a variety of completely natural elements, consisting of marble agglomerates and other quality materials, and is the result of 50 years of experience in the field by “Sgarbossa Dino e Figli”. DOGE VENEZIANO can also supply(on request) other colours, formats, finishes and customised solutions, guaranteeing their exclusivity every time.

In addition to the “Venetian Beads” flooring solutions, DOGE VENEZIANO also specialises in the traditional 16th century technique of the Venetian-style terrace, for creating very exclusive projects. This technique, practised for over 50 years by “Sgarbossa Dino e Figli”, is employed to create continuous paving on site, customised to the client’s specific needs. It can also make use of modular components which reproduce certain designs, decorations, rosettes, etc. at regular intervals.

Using this technique, it is also possible to insert various precious minerals into the design, such as onyx, quartz or lapis lazuli, or indeed pieces of glass mosaic, decorated with gold or silver leaf or other exclusive materials. DOGE VENEZIANO provides solutions on demand: unique projects, tailored to the specific needs of the client. Furthermore, we can add special lighting systems which accentuate the beauty of the flooring, highlighting the qualities of the material and producing some surprising colour effects