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Light On

When tradition meets hi-tech you always get something very special. In this case, the SGARBOSSA DINO E FIGLI has joined the old art of Venetian Floors with the most sophisticated lightning techniques, obtaining a spectacular work of art. There are no words to describe the show of a floor made of stones and coloured marbles illuminated from below.

Illuminated Elegance

This special floor is possible thanks to cutting-edge techniques and materials: under the floor there are some lightning systems attached to the floor itself with a binder substance that allows the light to filter through. And when you switch on the light… marbles, onyxes, alabasters, jades, amethysts, quartzes and mother-of-pearl shine, reflecting marvellous colours and shades. The technique has been created specifically for Venetian Floors, but it can be used according to the customer’s needs.

The light filtering the floor makes the stones and minerals shine, revealing their inner structure, their morphology and most hidden details. You can easily manage this “scenic” effect balancing the intensity of the light and, given the wide spectrum of colours offered by the RGB systems, creating ever-changing settings according to your taste. The lightning systems used are non-perishable and lasting, giving to your floor a bright and really timeless elegance.