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Classic Collection

If once Venetian Floors were a common presence in villas and noble buildings, today this particular floor is something special that can give a touch of exclusivity and elegance to any house, hotel, company building and representative office. Venetian Floors are today used in different contexts, but the technique for making them remained the same of the past, even though nowadays floor makers use cement instead of lime.

A Classic floor for every setting

There is an aspect in particular that remained unaltered over the centuries: each floor is prepared, laid and completely finished within 24 hours, thanks to the technique “wet on wet”. This procedure, due to its rapidity, guarantees a perfect floor and an absolutely uniform composition of stones. Thus, in just one day you can witness the creation of a timeless beauty that evokes the abodes of the Venetian nobility of the Renaissance. A Venetian Floor brings a touch of elegance, history and warmth that can change the look of any house or building.

Actually, due to its versatility the Venetian Floor can fit into all kinds of settings. Thanks to its classical style, the Venetian Floor adapts itself to many different housing styles and its coloured patterns go well with any surrounding material. Colours, patterns, decorative stripes and motifs inspired to ancient art reflect the personal taste of the house owner. There are endless possibilities and the results do not depend just on the inspiration of the craftsman but also on the creativity and the specific requests of the customer that gets thus a central role in the creation of a such an important element in the furniture of his own house.