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Pavimenti Moderni

Today making a Venetian Floor means creating an elegant floor inspired to a classic style, but also opening up to contemporary housing and living trends. As a result, with its floors the SGARBOSSA DINO E FIGLI gives a peculiar sense of lightness and brilliance to your house. With their being modern, light and essential, the products created by the company are the perfect background even for the most daring, contemporary interior design.

Floors and design: tradition and innovation

All this without forgetting two essential aspects: practicality and functionality. But the “Sgarbossa Dino e Figli” went still further, expanding its product range. Actually, they make not only floors but also furniture and design items where traditional materials – such as marble and stone – can be sometimes used in conjunction with others more modern, such as synthetic resins. Nowadays customers like more and more the idea of giving a personal touch to their houses with a specific, unique style that reveals itself in the floor as well as in other parts of the house.

Hence the decision of the company to expand its offer for answering the needs of its customers. The “Sgarbossa Dino e Figli” products shown at the Fuorisalone of Milan are a confirmation of this idea. Here the company took part in the “Terrazza Project” with Swiss designers Stephane HalmaI-Voisard and Philippe-Albert Lefebvre creating tables, stools, lamps, shelves and open shelves with the same technique used for the Venetian Floor. A perfect union of old Venetian tradition and Central European cutting edge design. With simply astonishing results. Five centuries of tradition and fifty years of experience work together to offer you infinite solutions for present and future housing design.