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Venetian Floors
Tuesday May 16th, 2017

The Venetian Floor or the so called “PalIadiana”, depending on whether the floor is made with small “grains” of marble or with bigger stone scales, is along tradition that dates back to 16″‘ century, the moment of highest majesty and glory of the “Serenissima”

, the Republic of Venice. This peculiar form of art has reached our days and our houses thanks to competent experts who kept it alive and day-by- day renovated centuries-old secrets and techniques.

The SGARBOSSA DINO E FIGLI company has inherited the knowledge and the technique of the flooring masters from Veneto. Since 1961 the company offers the same top quality and experience of the past creating not only floors but also stairs, furniture and design Hems.

A detail-oriented, impeccable work is at the basis of the creation of Venetian Floors. With craftsmanship, the floor makers artfully place small rocks and fragments of stones and marbles on a specific layer previously prepared on the floor. This technique, a sort of “stone planting”, creates each time unique forms and colours that cannot be reproduced anymore. The final result is a very personal floor that gives your rooms and houses an exclusive atmosphere that nobody else can have.

In the big showroom of the company you can fully understand what a Venetian Floor is and how it is made, admiring and touching the many types of floors made by SGARBOSSA DINO E FIGLI and also the tools used in flooring.