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Venetian floor
Wednesday January 17th, 2024

The Venetian floor is a form of decorative flooring that has ancient origins and has its roots in the city of Venice. Dating back to the Renaissance period, this unique flooring technique was developed by Venetian artisans to create floors of extraordinary beauty and durability.

The history of the Venetian floor begins with the use of river pebbles and marble fragments to create hard and resistant surfaces. These pebbles were artistically placed and then filled with a lime-based binder to create a smooth, even floor.

Over time, this technique has been refined and enriched. Venetian masters introduced the use of fine marbles, such as Carrara marble, to create intricate and detailed designs. The marbles were cut into thin strips called “seminato”, which were arranged and leveled by hand to form the desired pattern.

The Venetian floor has become an art form in itself, expressing the mastery and creativity of Venetian artisans. The floors were characterized by geometric designs, floral weavings and abstract motifs, which were executed with great precision and attention to detail.

Today, Venetian flooring continues to be increasingly appreciated for its timeless beauty and durability. It is used in elegant environments such as palaces, villas, luxury hotels and prestigious commercial spaces, and remains a symbol of style and refinement, creating unique and unforgettable environments.